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A colour scheme makes or break a painting project. Without proper consideration, you risk making good workmanship and quality material redundant through improper colour choice. That could end up costing thousands of dollars in repainting. So, how can you avoid this?

Professional colour consultants know how to choose the perfect colour scheme for your property. They know which colours will make a favourable impression and add value, and they know which colours to avoid. A simple consultation process could save you thousands of dollars and heartache, by ensuring you choose the right colours the first time.

The power of colour is well documented, and a colour consultant recommended by MPAACT can help you to use that power to your advantage.

The consultants we recommended will always be professionals, who offer the services for a reasonable rate. A consultation usually takes a couple of hours, so it’s important you contact your consultant before you organise your painter.

Of course, you also need to be happy with the colours chose, so allow time to reflect on the consultant’s suggestions.

You should expect to pay between $100 and $180 an hour for a consultation. Some providers charge a fixed fee instead of an hourly rate. This spend is absolutely worth the money, because you’ll be exposed to colours you’ve never seen or thought of, and the consultant will be able to select colours that create a certain tone and mood, instead of just looking good together.

If you want the perfect colour scheme for your paintjob, get in touch with MPAACT today, and enquire about a colour consultant referral.

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