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Master Painters Australia ACT recognises the need for responsible behaviour when it comes to protecting our environment, and that’s why we offer a training course in Sustainable Painting Practices. The majority of your members have taken this course, making them qualified Enviropainters.



What is a Enviropainter?

Enviropainters have received extra training, which allows them to give advice on using renewable and reusable materials, and decreasing paint and water usage to create a more sustainable method of painting. Consumers that contract Enviropainters can be assured of a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to painting.

The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability means living in a way that limits the impact of our behaviour on future generations. The idea is centred on:

  • Creating with less impact
  • Ensuring there are sufficient resources for future generations to thrive
  • Leaving a legacy of responsible living

You can find an Enviropainter in your area of the ACT by visiting Find a Painter

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